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    • Can not be charged or turned on
    • Número de reclutas:
    • 2013-11-29
    • Naturaleza profesional: 网络

    Unplug and re-plug the data line, charge the phone for about 15mins, press the “Power” button.

    Long-press of “Power” button and lower volume button for about 8 seconds, click “restart the mobile phone” after entering “Recovery” mode.

    If the problem can’t be solved via this method, bring your phone to the local customer service center for testing.

    • Deal with mobile phone crash
    • Número de reclutas:
    • 2013-11-30
    • Naturaleza profesional:

    If mobile phone crash occurs while using, forced shutdown the mobile phone, then long-press the power button again to see if it can be turned on. If not, bring your invoices, warranty card and mobile phones to the closest KXD customer service center for testing. If the phone can be turned on, we recommend the following:

    1.Observe what the phone does when it crashes. If it crashes while running a specific software, you can go to Settings--Applications to uninstall the software.

    2.If there's too many background programs running in the  mobile phone, it is recommended to pull down the status bar and conduct "one-click cleanup" in the mobile phone to close the background programs;
    3.To avoid inadequate storage space, you need to regularly clean your mobile phones, delete unnecessary documents, archives, installation packages and other data (file management - file cleanup);
    4.For system reasons, you can back up data and restore factory settings.

    • Reasons for short standby time of mobile phones and their solutions
    • Número de reclutas:
    • 2013-11-30
    • Naturaleza profesional:

    Power consumption is relatively faster on smart phones than on functional phones. Normal standby time for smart phones is generally about 2 days (depending on the specific use conditions);

    Running a certain amount of applications in the background during standby will speed up the power consumption;

    The power-hungry function is not closed in time, such as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, and it cannot be connected after it is turned on. It is always in a  connection searching state, causing the standby time to be shorter. So it is recommended to have  those functions turned off during standby.

    After downloading and installing a third-party software or updating a certain software, the power consumption rapidly increased and the standby time becomes shorter. It is recommended to uninstall such software;

    If the firmware version such as the beta version is not stable, it is recommended to back up the phone data and restore to factory settings or conduct flash processing.

    If the above said operations can't solve the problem, please send your purchase invoice, warranty card and mobile phone to KXD customer service center for testing.

    • Causes and Solutions of Mobile Phone Button Failure
    • Número de reclutas:
    • 2013-11-30
    • Naturaleza profesional:

    If some buttons on your phone don't respond to or don't respond appropriately when you press them, please try the following solution.

    Power button, volume button or other physical buttons

    Press the phone's power button to turn off the phone or wake the phone screen, press the volume button to adjust the volume. When these keys fail during operation:

    Re-start the mobile phone

    Remove any protective film or protective shell that may interfere with the use of keys

    Check for any debris or dirt around the relevant button or switch, then clean it with a soft cloth

    If the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the phone to the service center for repair. In order to solve your problem as soon as possible, you can make an appointment with the service center time in advance.

    HOME button, back button and other buttons

    1. When the HOME key on the screen is pressed, the mobile phone will return to the home screen; when the BACK key is pressed, you will get back to the previous page; by pressing the menu key, you can view the current running application of the mobile phone. If your phone malfunctions or works intermittently while you operate these buttons on the screen, the following occasions may occur.

    2. It is affected by the tempered film. You can remove the tempered film and try again.

    3. It is affected by third party application. Uninstall the applications downloaded or upgraded before this happens.

    4. System failure. In this case, you can go to KXD official website to download the firmware package or reinstall the system to the phone.

    5. After the above situation is eliminated, if the use of the button is still abnormal, you may need to send the mobile phone to the service center. Our staff will assist you in processing.

    • Mobile phone fever
    • Número de reclutas:
    • 2013-11-30
    • Naturaleza profesional:

    The principles of smart phone processor and computer processor are the same based on which operation is a process of power conversion. When the processor is in operation, heat will be emitted. In the process of use, try to avoid playing the phone while charging or running multiple programs for a long time.

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